Friday, October 17, 2008

Las Vegas Dos and Don’ts

Let your fellow travelers and Vegas locals give you the inside scoop before you go to Las Vegas. MSN Travel Las Vegas message board users sound off about what to do, where to stay, what’s worth the money and, more importantly, what to avoid. Here are the recommendations.

Add these items to your 'to-do' list

Do Bellagio waterfront—it’s free! It’s breath-taking! Gondola at the Venetian—so romantic!Treasure Island show—risqué! Nice fireworks! Drive a convertible at night—amazing sights!

Do go to dueling pianos at New York, New York. Best thing I did there, fun, energetic, singing, dancing, drinking, good times.

Do tip the cocktail waitress if you want your drinks to keep coming.
Do use the personal safes in your hotel room.

Do spend $ on your hotel room and make sure you book a room on south Las Vegas Blvd. Trust me when I say that staying on south Las Vegas Blvd as opposed to north Las Vegas Blvd makes all the difference!

Avoid Sin City nightmares

Don’t wear high heels if you’re walking on the Strip—it’s bad for your feet and posture. It just does not look good unless you're 'working' off the strip.

Don’t sleep too much—you’ll miss out on a lot!!!

Don’t rent a car—traffic on the strip is awful. There is plenty of public transportation—tram from Bellagio to Monte Carlo and another from MGM all the way to the Las Vegas Hilton.

Don’t go to Vegas in July unless you plan to stay inside the whole time.

Don’t bring the kids!!!! Vegas is a place for adults, plain and simple

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